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A novel by Rachel Richards

When the people Annie loves mysteriously vanish one by one, how will she uncover the answer that lies trapped inside her own deceptive mind?

Annie knows there's something wrong with her. A child genius with crippling social anxiety and a compulsion for tearing at her wrist, Annie struggles to please her reputation-obsessed mother. Annie's dad is the only one who understands her. But when he runs off on a spiritual quest during a manic episode, Annie blames herself.

As she matures, Annie's grief is reignited each time someone she cares about mysteriously disappears without a trace. Suspecting she's gone insane, Annie learns she can't trust anyone, least of all herself. When she finally discovers the shocking truth, Annie's next move could mean the difference between life and death.

Rachel Richards is the author of the Amazon bestseller Hungry for Life: A Memoir Unlocking the Truth Inside an Anorexic Mind, and has always been fascinated by psychological disorders and integrative health. When she's not writing, Rachel is a licensed massage therapist with a private practice, which can be found at She also hosts a hugely popular YouTube channel dedicated to teaching self-massage and wellness. Rachel lives in Manhattan with her husband and young daughter - whose vivid fantasy world inspired Glass Half Broken.





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a memoir unlocking the truth inside an anorexic mind

by rachel richards

What drives someone to anorexia?
And how do they stop?

Gripped by the life-threatening clutch of anorexia, a young girl battles her eating disorder while struggling to unravel the mystery behind her illness.

Even in kindergarten, Rachel Richards knows something isn't right. As she grows up, unable to comprehend or communicate her inner trauma, Rachel lashes out, hurting herself, running away from home, and fighting her family. Restricting food gives her the control she craves.

Being hospitalized and force-fed keeps her alive, but only makes her retreat further into herself. Rachel leaves college a sixty-nine-pound young adult, a shell of obsessive behaviors and inner battles.

Acting on stage offers her moments of freedom from the skewed perceptions she's constructed over the years. But how can she pursue a career in theater when she can barely survive?

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